Hollyhock "Arabian Nights" -- Alcea Rosea var. Nigra

Hollyhock "Arabian Nights" -- Alcea Rosea var. Nigra

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Hollyhocks are a tall ornamental flower is native to China. This stunning variety blooms after the first or second year into a stunning flower spike the color of red wine. Bees and hummingbirds enjoy these flowers, and the leaves are a host for Painted Lady Butterflies. The entire plant is edible, and both leaves and flowers are used in folk medicine to soothe irritation, as an emollient, or a poultice on insect bites.

Growth Form/Defining Characteristics: grows 5-7 ft tall with large purple-black showy flowers 

Light: Full Sun-Part Shade

Water: Generous Water

Soil: Well-drained, fertilized 

Hardiness: USDA Zones 3-10

Type: Annual or Biennial