Yerba Maté -- Ilex paraguariensis
Yerba Maté -- Ilex paraguariensis

Yerba Maté -- Ilex paraguariensis

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Yerba Mate is an understory evergreen tree from the Holy family, native to southern South America and known for its use in cold and hot caffeinated drinks. It is the national drink of Uruguay and Argentina and is a popular beverage worldwide, often used as a healthy alternative to coffee. Some studies have shown that the drinks also have anti inflammatory, antitumor and neuroprotective qualities. It is a good source of vitamins such as manganese, as well as antioxidants. The Berries are a source of food for songbirds.

Growth Form: 10-20’ high with small white flowers and red fruits.
Light: best in sun, to partial shade
Water: Keep moist when young
Soil: Well drained, slightly acidic
Hardiness: USDA 9-11, Sunset 16-24, protect when temperatures drop below 25 degrees F
Type: Dioecious Perennial