About Us

In ancient Greece, Pan was a symbol of a perfect balance between mankind and nature, and that is what we at Pan's Garden Nursery strive to achieve.

Unlike some modern growing methods which deteriorate farmlands and ecosystems by destroying soil ecology and making plants dependent on artificial fertilizers and synthetic chemicals, the foundation of our growing ethic is working with the natural systems of the earth. 

At the seedling stage, each of our plants is inoculated a complex array of vitamins, beneficial bacteria, and mycorrhizal fungi which form permanent relationships with the plants. Instead of saturating the soil with artificial nutrients, we build a healthy microbiome of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria which breaks down and efficiently distributes nutrients to the plant roots.

This means that when you plant one of our plants, you are also planting a rich and healthy set of microscopic soil allies which will help the rest of your garden absorb nutrients, fight disease, and save water during drier times of the year.

At the nursery we practice responsible pest management, which means no synthetic chemical sprays or pesticides. The difference can be seen in the healthy ecosystems that pop up in our growing areas; our bog garden is home to native tree-frogs and their tadpoles year round. Amphibians are some of the most chemically-sensitive vertebrates on the planet, so their presence is not only useful to keep our bog garden free of mosquito larvae, but natural proof that our growing methods are safe for you, and the earth. 

We hope you come visit us in Ojai or at our farmer's market booth, and see for yourself!