California Mugwort -- Artemisia douglasiana
California Mugwort -- Artemisia douglasiana

California Mugwort -- Artemisia douglasiana

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Native throughout California and can be found along the edges of streams, under oak trees, and other protected areas. It has a reputation for relieving symptoms of poison oak rash. 

According to the National Institute of health this plant has a wide variety of traditional uses including use as a diuretic, a stimulant, an Asthma treatment, remedy for flu and colds, Bronchitis, fevers and for relieving pain associated with headaches, broken bones, arthritis, and rheumatism. As women’s medicine, California mugwort tea is drunk to treat premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea. 

Growth Form/Defining Characteristics: A Single stock up to 3’ high, Often found in clusters 

Light: Shade - Part Sun. Full Sun along the coast. 

Water: Semi - Drought tolerant once established. 

Soil: Sandy/ Well drained loam. Standard potting soil. 

Hardiness: Sunset Zones 3-24, USDA zones 7-10

Type: Perennial