Puya coerulea 'Pink Torch'
Puya coerulea 'Pink Torch'
Puya coerulea 'Pink Torch'
Puya coerulea 'Pink Torch'

Puya coerulea 'Pink Torch'

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Found throughout South American deserts, this genus in the bromeliad family has all the floral color of their tropical relatives with none of the water or micro-climate needs. Many of the flowers of this species are described as “Alien” or “unearthly'' for their bright and metallic appearance, and are often thought to be fake at first glance. Along with their striking appearance, the flowers host a variety of pollinators including bees and hummingbirds.

This plant is an excellent addition to a drought tolerant garden and can easily weather extremes that many other plants cannot. 

Puya coerulea (pronounced ko-er-OO-lee-uh), The Pink Torch Puya, is an enchanting variety of the genus. It forms a captivating rosette of glistening, silvery leaves that appear almost white due to their powdery trichomes. During the late spring and summer, the Pink Torch Puya showcases its splendid beauty by producing a striking pink stalk adorned with velvety blue flowers and contrasting orange anthers. This variety stands out with vibrant blue petals and tightly-packed clusters.


Growth Form:: 2-3FT Wide 2-3FT High Rosettes , Secreted Leaves 

Light: Full Sun - Part Shade 

Water: Drought Tolerant 

Soil: Well Drained, Cactus Soil 

Hardiness: 25 Degrees F , Down to 18F for short periods, USDA Zones 8-12

Type: Perennial 




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