Red Robin Begonia -- Begonia 'Rex' spp
Red Robin Begonia -- Begonia 'Rex' spp

Red Robin Begonia -- Begonia 'Rex' spp

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Red Robin Begonia 

Begonia ‘Rex’ spp

This is a compact variety of ‘Rex’ Begonia with small leaves and an eye-catching iridescence which is shared by many other begonia varieties. The iridescence of the begonia is an evolutionary adaptation to take advantage of certain wavelengths of light under the dark forest canopies where they can be found in the wild. This feature is the product of a fascinating quality of specialized chloroplasts which are arranged in a crystal like pattern which catch and slow light in such a way that can make maximum use of the light energy on a quantum level. 

Growth Form: Low growing cluster of red iridescent leaves up to 1.5 high and 3 feet wide

Light: Should be grown indoors near a window or outdoors in the shade. 

Water: Generous 

Soil: Well drained, standard potting mix

Hardiness: USDA zones 10 and up , or indoors

Type: Perennial