Cape Sundew - Drosera capensis

Cape Sundew - Drosera capensis

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Native to the cape of South Africa, This Sundew is one of the easy carnivorous plants to grow and is an excellent one to start with as a beginner. The long sticky tentacle-like leaves have earned it the common name “octopus plant”. It is a very attractive plant especially when it catches the evening and morning sun which causes it to sparkle in the light. 

Growth Form/Defining Characteristics: Rosettes of long, sticky leaves. 2-6 inches long. Clumping. 

Light: Outside in Part to Full Sun, Can also grow in a bright indoor area. 

Water: Distilled, RO, Rain water Required. Keep in tray with ~1-3 inches of water. Tap water is sometimes Acceptable but must be below 50ppm TDS. 

Soil: 4 parts Peat moss, 1 part Perlite or pumice. 

Hardiness: USDA zones 8-10. Tolerant of temperature extremes between 25-115F. 

Type: Perennial, Slightly summer deciduous in drier climates