Mexican Butterwort -- Pinguicula moranensis
Mexican Butterwort -- Pinguicula moranensis

Mexican Butterwort -- Pinguicula moranensis

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Pinguicula, meaning ‘little greasy leaf’ is a charming carnivorous plant which resembles a tiny succulent and is excellent at trapping equally tiny insects such as fungus gnats and fruit flies. 

Pinguicula moranensis is one of the more widespread Butterworts found throughout Central America. It is one of the choice ‘beginner’ plants for enthusiasts wanting to dip their toes into the carnivorous plant world. Although they are not recommended as the sole solution to any insect problem, they will do their part in your windowsill.

Also, much like succulents they can be used to make delightfully artistic displays in terrariums, on rocks, and logs. 

Growth Form: small dense rosette, 1-3 inches across
Light: Bright Windowsill, bright light for optimal coloring
Water: keep moist with Rain, Distilled, or RO water
Soil: mix of equal parts sand, perlite, vermiculite, and peat.
Hardiness: Indoors or Zone 10+
Type: Perennial

For optimal blooms plants should be given a dry period in the winter to allow for dormancy