Nepenthes 'Song of Melancholy' x (spathulata x gynmamphora)

Nepenthes 'Song of Melancholy' x (spathulata x gynmamphora)

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 This hybrid was made between two very attractive parents which include 'Song of Melancholy' a classic hybrid created by Hawaiian nurseryman Sam Estes. It is very hardy and does very well at room temperature with little additional need for heating and cooling. It has large attractive peristomes (lips) and pitchers reach up to a one foot in length when fully grown. Nepenthes spathulata x gynmomphora is another species with large attractive peristomes. The pitchers are short and squat and in good light turn dark purple/maroon-- almost black.

Light: Bright Indirect, Can tolerate evening and morning sun.

Water: Keep moist, Distilled/Ro/rain water for best results.

Soil: 4 parts long fibered sphagnum, 2 parts orchid bark 2 parts perlite or pumice. 

Hardiness: Indoors. Can be grown outdoors in Florida, Hawaii or California Sunset Zone 24.

Type: Tropical Perennial 

Feed with bugs, or once per month with ¼ strength indoor plant foliar feed, or once every 3 months with one pallet of low strength organic plant food per pitcher. Can be grown outdoors in Florida, Hawaii or coastal California.