German Chamomile -- Matricicaria recutita
German Chamomile -- Matricicaria recutita

German Chamomile -- Matricicaria recutita

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German Chamomile is a medicinal and culinary herb with a long history in Europe. The tea from the leaves and flowers has a distinctive, calming flavor, and is said to have a gentle sedative effect that is safe to use with children and the elderly. It is often found in bedtime tea blends, but is also often used to ease anxiety and insomnia. It has also been used to ease indigestion and gastric inflammation, as a mouthwash, and for herbal steam baths that support sinus health. Scientific research into this plant has yielded evidence that the tea is effective for diarrhea, indigestion, and persistent anxiety.

Growth Form: clumps up to 2.5’ tall and 1.5’ wide with fern-like foliage and small daisy-like flowers. 

Light: Full sun to light shade 

Water: consistent to moderate 

Soil: Rich loam, Standard potting soil 

Sunset Zones 1-24, USDA zones 4-10

Annual, reseeds readily. Has a slightly smaller manner and prefers cooler temperatures compared to Roman Chamomile.