Tuberous Comfrey -- Symphytum tuberosum

Tuberous Comfrey -- Symphytum tuberosum

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Tuberous comfrey is an herbaceous perennial, native to Europe. It flowers from April to June, and spreads underground via rhizome. Also known as “knitbone”, comfrey was used as far back as the ancient Greeks as a poultice on small wounds and as a healing tea. The roots can be roasted and ground to brew as an herbal coffee alternative. Leaves are slightly toxic if eaten raw. 

Growth Form/Defining Characteristics: herbaceous ground cover with small hanging white flowers, spreads easily

Light: part shade

Water: Generous water

Soil: Rich loam, standard potting soil 

Hardiness:  USDA zones 4-8, extra water and protection in zones 9&10

Type: Perennial