White Sage -- Salvia apiana
White Sage -- Salvia apiana

White Sage -- Salvia apiana

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 An excellent landscape plant providing course texture and white spring-summer flowers for a dry garden.  It is also a great bee plant, as indicated by the species name “apiana” which means “bee” .

For Chumash and other native California tribes, White Sage was and is used as a purifying incense at ceremonies and gatherings. The young branch tips are dried slowly, pressing the leaves with the fingers periodically to make them lie flat on the stem. After it has been thoroughly dried, the tip of the bundle can then be lit. Once it has burned for a few moments , the flame is extinguished and the smoldering leaves produce a thick, aromatic smoke. Inhaling the smoke and allowing it to waft over the body is thought to promote spiritual balance and harmony. 

Growth Form: 3-9’ high, 3-4’ wide

Light: full sun, exposed slopes - partial shade 

Water: drought tolerant once established 

Soil: grows best in course well drained soil but will also grow in standard potting mix

Hardiness: USDA Zones 9-10, Sunset Zones 7-24

Type: Perennial, semi -deciduous in summer If not watered 

No fertilizer is required but an annual light feeding Is beneficial.