Wormwood -- Artemisia absinthium
Wormwood -- Artemisia absinthium

Wormwood -- Artemisia absinthium

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Wormwood is an herb which has historic uses dating back to ancient Greek times. In Greek culture the bitter plant was mixed with wine and drunk after meals to help with digestion and because it was considered an antiparasitic. It was also commonly used as an antiparasitic in ancient Egypt. In addition, it was traditionally sipped by the victor of the Olympic games as a symbolic gesture of the bittersweet nature of victory. 

In more recent times, it is more well known for its use in the alcoholic drink absinthe made popular by revolutionary thinkers and artists such as vangou. The drink also gained a negative reputation due to adverse effects, though these were due to the production of counterfeit absinth which was colored green by copper, now known to be a toxic substance. 

Growth Form: Low growing bush, 2-4’ High and Wide. 

Light: Full sun, should protected from afternoon sun in USDA zones 9 and 10

Water: Low water once established

Soil: Well drained loam, will grow in standard potting soil 

Hardiness: USDA zones 6-10, Sunset zones 2-24

Type:  Herbaceous Perennial