Canyon Dudleya -- Dudleya  cymosa

Canyon Dudleya -- Dudleya cymosa

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An Excellent Native Succulent. Can be grown indoors. Blooms Spring - Summer. Flowers feed Hummingbirds and Bumblebees.

Growth Form:  Rosette of short, fleshy pale Green Leaves. 2-6” wide. 

Light: Part Shade -Full Sun

Water: Very Low, Drought Tolerant 

Soil: pH 5-8 , Well Drained

Hardiness: USDA Zones 8-11 , Sunset Zones 14-24 , hardy to 18 -115 Degrees F

Type: Perennial, Summer Deciduous 

Prefers To be planted on a slope at a 45-85 degree angle. When planted at a Less than 45 Degree angle, Make sure not to fill the center with water As this will rot the plant.