Blue Agave - agave tequilana
Blue Agave - agave tequilana

Blue Agave - agave tequilana

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Most famous for it's use making the popular alcoholic drink tequila, Tequila is distilled from the blue agave’s heart, or piña.  Blue agave is low maintenance and drought tolerant, making it ideal for landscaping design. 

Growth Form: Agave is a 6 to 8 by 6 to 8 foot rosette-forming perennial with stiff, silver blue leaves with sharp toothed margins and a sharp spine. The mature agave shoots an yellow edible flower stalk over 15ft tall signaling the end of this plant's life cycle (8-14yrs).

Light: Full Sun 

Water: Drought Tolerant

Soil: well-drained, prefers rocky or sandy 

Hardiness (USDA Zones): 8 to 10

Type: Perennial