French Tarragon / True Tarragon -- Artemisia dracunculus

French Tarragon / True Tarragon -- Artemisia dracunculus

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Slowly spreads by creeping rhizomes, the stems becoming slightly woody. An excellent container plant. Provides anise-like flavoring for a variety of dishes including salad dressings, chicken, cheese, and eggs.

Growth Form/Defining Characteristics:  1 -3 ‘ high, 2 ‘ wide 

Light: Full sun to part Shade 

Water: Average 

Soil: Well drained loam, Standard potting mix. 

Hardiness (Sunset And/or USDA Zones): Usda zones 4-10, Sunset Zones A1-A3, 2b-10, 14-24

Type: Perennial, winter deciduous 

 Should be transplanted or divided every 2-3 years to maintain flavor and vigor. Does not tolerate soil that is too wet or acidic.