Australian Grass Tree -- Xanthorrhoea preissii

Australian Grass Tree -- Xanthorrhoea preissii

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This long-lived Australian tree starts out looking like a clump of rigid grass and over many years grows a sturdy trunk.  When flowering, tiny white blooms form on a long spike and are a favorite for bees and other pollinators. The spikes are very woody and durable and are often used as an exotic home décor long after flowering has finished. In their native habitat they can often live over 400 years and have evolved to survive drought and brushfires. They have a mutually beneficial relationship with mycorrhizal fungi in the soil that assist with the plant's drought tolerance. The nectar from the flowers was traditionally prepared into a thick, sweet tasting drink by Aboriginal Australians. The white tender sections of leaf bases, the roots and the growing joints of stems were eaten, and the seeds were collected and ground into a flour. Also, resin from leaves was traditionally used as an adhesive, and flower stalks for implements such as spears and fire drills (similar to the Desert Spoon in the western hemisphere). The resin can additionally be used as incense and as a base for varnish.

Growth Form:3’-4’ft tall when young, ultimately 10+’ft tall and 4-8’ wide when mature

Light: Full Sun - Part Shade

Water: Drought Tolerant (once established)

Soil:  Well Drained

Hardiness: USDA 9 and above

Type: Woody Evergreen Perennial


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