Nepenthes 'Song of Melancholy' x talangensis
Nepenthes 'Song of Melancholy' x talangensis

Nepenthes 'Song of Melancholy' x talangensis

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This is a cross between 'Song of Melancholy', a classic hybrid created by Hawaiian nurseryman Sam Estes, and the dainty N. talangensis.  ‘ Song of Melancholy’ is very hardy and does well at room temperature with little additional need for heating and cooling. This is the oldest plant in my collection and endured many less than ideal, dreary apartments during my college years. Lower pitchers have large attractive peristomes (lips) and upper pitchers reach up to one foot in length when fully grown. N. talangensis is another hardy variety which tends to be a vigorous climber with colorful teacup-like lower pitchers and elegant martini glass-shaped upper pitchers. 

Since these are first generation hybrids, each plant is sure to be very unique and will exhibit a combination of qualities from each parent. 

Light: Bright Indirect

Water: Keep moist, distilled/RO/rain water for best results 

Soil: 4 parts long fibered sphagnum, 2 parts orchid bark 2 parts perlite or pumice 

Hardiness: Indoors, Greenhouse  or California Sunset Zone 24

Type: Tropical Perennial 

Feed with bugs, or  once per month with ¼ strength indoor plant foliar feed, or once every 3 months with one pellet of low strength organic plant food per pitcher