Rosemary 'Pink' --  Salvia rosmarinus  ‘Pink ‘
Rosemary 'Pink' --  Salvia rosmarinus  ‘Pink ‘

Rosemary 'Pink' -- Salvia rosmarinus ‘Pink ‘

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Rosmarinus means 'Dew of the Sea' because rosemary was said to have been draped around the Greek goddess Aphrodite when she rose from the sea.

Not only is this one of the most widely used cooking herbs, but rosemary is also a standout in landscaping. Its soft pink blossoms and dense foliage make it a stunning addition to any garden, perfect for hedges or standalone features. It blooms profusely in the spring and summer with charming pink flowers, attracting a variety of pollinators.

Rosemary has Also been associated with an array of medicinal benefits, including memory improvement, enhanced concentration, pain relief, digestive aid, antioxidant effects, and anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, it is renowned for its antibacterial properties, with its oil used as a natural food preservative.

Growth Form: Dense bush, branching stems  up to 3’ High , up to 6’ long. white/Pink flowers. 

Light: Full sun to part shade

Water: Low water once established 

Soil: Well drained loam, Standard potting mix. 

Hardiness: USDA zones 9 - 11 ,Sunset Zones 4-24. Can tolerate temperature extremes between 20f and 120f 

Type: Perennial 

Benefits from annual feeding and pruning