Water Root - Fockea edulis
Water Root - Fockea edulis

Water Root - Fockea edulis

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This is a Caudex forming plant with large “warty” tuber and a long climbing vine. Flowers Are small white to green and star shaped, pollinated by fruit flies. native to the Kalahari desert, this plant has been used by the tribes of Namibia and South Africa as a famine food and water source. The root is said to be similar to a sweet potato in texture and flavor, but requires a specific cooking process to rid it of toxic alkaloids. Semi deciduous, water root will go dormant in winter as you decrease watering. It will lose some of its leaves, but come spring, it will start growing again. In the wild, the plant grows with the caudex mostly underground. Growing it this way will make the caudex grow faster, but many collectors raise the caudex in the pot to showcase its unique appearance.

Growth Form: grayish tuber up to 2’, vine up to 13’

Light: full sun to part shade
Water: Light to moderate in warm weather, decrease watering as weather gets cold (under 50 at night) to start dormancy
Soil: well draining, Cactus mix
Hardiness: USDA 9b-11b
Type: semi-deciduous perennial